This series of Top 10 Scroll has collectively put in the most popularly read books of the year and cadres to “must read in your lifetime”. Thereby here you can find the best of 10 recommended books to read immediately.

Starting from Fiction to Romance, with life experiences genre, Scroll down and know about these books now!!

  1. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
  •  Published – 1962
  •  Author – Joseph Murphy
  • Genre – Self-help book
  • Language – English

A conscious mind is controlled by us!! But, Subconscious controls you right?. Almost 3/4th of the population face “Mind chattering issues” but how far are these are under our control?. This book teaches the art of controlling your Subconscious. This book helps to live a life with the agenda of “rule the subconscious – rule the world”.  Enjoy the pleasure of ruling the world, reading this book.

  1. The Girl in Room 105
  • Published – 2018
  • Author – Chetan Bhagat
  • Genres – Romance novel, Fiction, Thriller
  • Language – English

The most loved Author of Generation Z, just because all of his stories are easily relatable. Chetan Bhagat, the author of many blockbusters released his new book recently and enjoyed a big hit easily in a short span. The thriller “ The Girl in Room 105” yet another interesting and realistic book which touch deeply on emotions and relationship. Go ahead and read to know what really happened in Room 105 and in the life of “Keshav and Zara”.

  1. Life’s Amazing Secrets: How to Find Balance and Purpose in Your Life
  • Published – 2018
  • Author – Gaur Gopal Das
  • Genres – Self- Help
  • Language – English

Gopal Gaur Das, ‘The Modern Age Monk” is just slaying his approaches in living life and rendering an helping-hand to energetic crowds in the world. His famous verse, “Stop Going Through, Start Going Through”  really feels deep when realized. You can definitely get the most out of happiness in you when all your mystical questions are answered in the simplest way, he gives this easily. Eager to know what he said, about “Key to Happiness”. Read now!!

  1. Think and Grow Rich
  • Published – 1937
  • Author –  Napoleon Hill
  • Genre – Non-fiction
  • Language – English

Followed by another book on “Self-Help” but concerned mainly on Financial well being and more thoughts on ” How to growing money and other terms of wealth”. It is not a book just to acquire knowledge but for also take initiative on actionable techniques on becoming better, not just by rich and wealthy,but an enrichment in one’s respective fields. Read on and plan for the richness in life!

  1. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
  • Published – 2016
  • Author – Mark Manson
  • Genre – Self-help book
  • Original language – English

The most trending kickass rules and approaches to lead a curious life. The blogger come author bashes his experiences about the present life to current generations that  A much-needed grab-you-by-the-shoulders-and-look-you-in the-eye moment of real talk, filled with entertaining stories and profane, ruthless humor. Read on to move on!!

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  1. Becoming
  • Published – 2018
  • Author – Michelle Obama
  • Genre – Memoir
  • Language – English

“Becoming” is becoming the World’s most favorite book and a wish-listed book. Written, by a famous lawyer come, Writer. Need no interpolation that “wife of African-American President” but stands straight as an Influencer with a glowing personality, Michelle Obama, came out with this amazing creation. Just feel amazed on reading this Book. 

  1.  The Alchemist
  • Publication – 1988
  • Author – Paulo Coelho
  • Genres – Quest, Adventure fiction, Fantasy Fiction
  • Language – English Translated.

An Old but Gold to be preserved, “The Alchemist” the most popular but yet a rejuvenating book at every perk of leading life in the modern era. The story mainly revolves around powerful simplicity and inspiring wisdom gained on the journey of life.

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Published – 2000
  • Authors – Robert Kiyosaki, Sharon Lechter
  • Genres – Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship, Business, Investment, Economics
  • Language – English

Being a rich or poor dad doesn’t matter, but it does matter on the impacts they have created on grooming and growing their kids on financial education, financial independence and knowledge and framework on wealth. His approach on investing in assets, real estate investing, starting and owning businesses, as well as increasing one’s financial intelligence, in a way even lay man’s thought process could change. This book gives you an experience on making things simple in the minds of wealthy people.

  1. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
  • Published – 1996
  • Author – Robin Sharma
  • Genre – Fiction
  • Language – English

This amazing fable is from the own experience of Robin Sharma himself, who left his career as a litigation lawyer at an early age. The story revolves around the conversation between two people “Julian Mantle and his best friend John” who had spiritual experiences during a Himalayan journey which undertook after selling his holiday home and red Ferrari.Super eager to know the story behind magical hills, then you must definitely read this creation.

  1. The 5 AM Club
  • Published – expected by 2018
  • Author – Robin Sharma
  • Genre – Self-help book
  • Language – English

Are you a morning person, If no then this is definitely for you!! The most awaited self- help book based on a revolutionary morning routine, which every morning person who believes only in positivity. This creation is definitely going to be a legendary guide for leadership qualities for a perfect life. Just acquire the skill of leadership by just following Robin Sharma blindly, because he has a proof and shreds of evidence called “success stories”.

TOP10SCROLL- Top10Books


These list of books will definitely give you jist of ideas and great time to spend on yourself.




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