NUTELLA , a delicious spread of chocolate with the extracts of Hazelnut, sugar and palm oil sweetens our day with just one lick of it!! This mouth licking spread goes well with all the meals for the day and all the days of life!!

Are you really delighted to know the history behind NUTELLA and its Top 10 delicious facts?

Top 10 Scroll has collectively put up, with the most interesting facts about “NUTELLA”. So, Scroll down.

Nutella Tip: 1  Long long ago.. “ Giandujot” was it’s name!

Heading back to 1946, NUTELLA was manufactured from the pastries of Ferrero. Pietro Ferrero form Italy created this amazing paste of hazelnut with sugar and a rare amount of cocoa like a spread and served with a loaf of bread and was named “Giandujot” in the carnivals and later named as NUTELLA. This won millions of heart and then the company declared the product official on May 14th, 1946.

Nutella Tip: 2  The amount of NUTELLA produced is equal to..

You could circle the world 1.8 times with NUTELLA and that is the amount of NUTELLA produced in one year. Also, this weights the same as “The Empire State Building”. OMG!!  That huge because we simply love NUTELLA.

Nutella Tip: 3  Would you ever thought about the sales?

There is a saying that “The Great Wall of China” can be covered with NUTELLA 8 times and can spread over 1000 soccer fields and that’s many are sold around the world for just a year.

Nutella Tip: 4 Nutella is life is just because of it’s Ingredients..

With the richness of sugar, Palm oil, cocoa powder and the main ingredient Hazelnut, NUTELLA’s taste just amaze us with these additional ingredients of milk, soya and vanilla extract. And this delicious taste is the reason why all the people fall for!!

Nutella Tip: 5 Nutella takes over the majority of World’s Hazelnut supply!

It’s awesomely obvious that the world’s largest supply of hazelnut bought by Ferrero and that’s more than 100,000. And NUTELLA business has been a helping hand in lifting the farmers with a drive in prices of nuts.

Thanks to Ferrero, who bought the world’s leading Hazelnut supply.

Nutella Tip: 6 52 Hazelnut in one yummy jar of Nutella!

Could you ever think about eating 52 hazelnuts at one stretch? Impossible right!! But with NUTELLA , you can!! There are about 52 hazelnuts in one 14-ounce jar of NUTELLA , which makes up 13% of the productions.

Nutella Tip: 7 Your aren’t healthy, But we still love you!

With all the ingredients which are absolutely loved by everyone!! They are considered unhealthy because of increased consumption of sugar. But NUTELLA, We still love you!!

Nutella Tip: 8 Nutella on Guinness books of World record! WOW!!

Around 27,854 people gathered in Gelsenkirchen for a breakfast celebration with bread and NUTELLA . On the day of 40th anniversary in Germany in 2005, NUTELLA earned the title of “Largest Continental Breakfast.” and were recorded in Guinness World Records.

Nutella Tip: 9  Nutella on stamps!

On 2014, NUTELLA celebrated it’s 50th birthday anniversary. So,The Italian Postal service created a NUTELLA -themed stamp emblazoned with the jar of goodness with hazelnut.

Nutella Tip: 10 It has a Crime story!!

According to 2013 reports, the thieves pulled off a $20,000 and stole 5 metric tons of the sweet stuff from the chocolate-hazelnut spread made in Germany.

The precious level of Nutella is revealed!!. Beware for those who have a lot of it!!

World NUTELLA Day!!

The love for NUTELLA  leads to this level of craziness where, 2 bloggers from Italy decided to take their love of life-NUTELLA to the next level in 2007, and created a worldwide day of celebration dedicated to this addictive spread. Thus every 5th February celebrated as “The World NUTELLA Day” simply spending the day eating NUTELLA, sharing NUTELLA recipes and looking at photos of NUTELLA.

And this is how this amazing choco-hazelnut is famous all over the world.

Now, every leave a comment on how much you love NUTELLA with a hashtag #IloveNutellabecause… and reveal your first experience with NUTELLA.



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